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Introducing my new picture book …

Christmas Under the Overpass Due for release Oct. 4 2023


It’s Christmas time and an unhoused man sets up a makeshift home under a bridge, across the river from Melody’s house.

Melody has a choice to make about what, if anything, she will do about it.

Christmas Under the Overpass is a delightful, sensitive, heartwarming story of compassion, curiosity and empathy for people who are unhoused and the marginalised in society.




A Boy, his Bear and a Bully

a-boy-his-bear-and-a-bullyI am proud to aounce that A Boy, his Bear and a Bully is available now!

Ten Terrifying Questions with Katie Flannigan!

Katie’s interview with Booktopia

Katie Flannigan
Emerging Children’s Author

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